EduMap 2nd Newsletter

2nd Newsletter of the project has been released!!         EDUMAP 2nd Newsletter

Frequency of alcohol consumption in the EU, 2019

  In 2019, three quarters of EU adults have consumed alcohol in the previous 12 months and nearly 9% consumed alcohol daily. Interestingly, the new generations consume alcohol less than older ones. People aged 15 to 24 had the lowest share of those who consumed alcohol the most frequently (i.e., every day).   Denmark topped […]

Handbook’s Fourth Chapter – a sneak peek

  Chapter IV of EDU MAP’s reference handbook for substance abuse covers substance abuse facts and statistics. So today we’d like to share some facts from The World Drug Report 2022. Source: 

Handbook’s Third Chapter – a sneak peek

Don't give up

  Time to introduce you to Chapter III of EDU MAP’s reference handbook for substance abuse. It examines substance abuse signs and symptoms. Below you can see a brief list of signs of substance abuse provided by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC). But beware: although there are certain emotional and physical […]

Aloitustapaaminen (26.4.2022)

EDU MAP Projektin aloituskokous pidettiin verkossa TPM 26.4.2022 Projektin osapuolet keskustelivat seuraavista seikoista ja jakoivat mielipiteitään luodakseen hyvät lähtökohdat projektin toteutukselle ja koordinoinnille. 1. Tervetulotoivotus ja projektin yleisesittely (Liettuan organisaatio) 2. Kotisivut (Itävallan organisaatio) 3. Laatustrategia (Kreikan organisaatio) 4. Toteutussuunnitelma (dissemination) (Turkin organisaatio) 5. Projektin logo 6. Projekti sosiaalisessa mediassa 7. Projektin tulosten esittely (Liettuan […]